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We are an organization providing technology backed education platform supporting learners and aspirants of competitive examinations like you, with a host of services delivering Concepts, eClasses and MCQ based Practice with self evaluation.

ePractiz has a simple philosophy of providing support to your quest for excellence and success. ePractiz provides Concepts, eClasses and innumerable MCQs on a robust technology platform for practicing what you have learnt for succeeding in the competitive examinations.

ePractiz provides solutions and supplemental study materials to augment your studies wherever needed.

ePractiz has innumerable Concepts, eClasses & MCQ


The ePractiz portal is augmented with innumerable and relevant concepts prepared specifically for you by experienced teachers and educationists to enrich you with the required knowledge.


Supplement your studies and learnings with expert delivered eClasses and solutions. ePractiz is envisaged to be the best technology backed solution provider for every aspirant who is taking competitive examinations and support each one of you to succeed in your quest.


ePractiz offers innumerable MCQs in each subject to enable you to practice what you have studied and helps you to review your preparedness for the competitive examinations chosen.